Are you having trouble finding talented people you can trust for an upcoming film or video production project?
Production companies around the globe trust Iron Wing to deliver exceptional work on set and off – from location sound to director of photography, editing to sound design. We have the skills you need and people you can confidently put in front of your client. We are a crew you can rely on, again and again.

Do you have an idea for a video you need help bringing to life?
Iron Wing was born out of a vision to make the impossible, possible. We’re passionate about creating content that makes people think differently and feel something deeply. Let us help you bring your vision to life – help make your impossible, possible.

Do you think a high quality video is just what you need to reach more clients, but you don’t know where to start?
We are a team with creative insight, technical skills, and ingenuity to help define and create a video that will meet your needs and help you get your message out there.




Film Production

Iron Wing was born out of a vision to make the impossible, possible through both our artistic and technical experience in film production.  Collaborating with clients we pursue a passion of visualizing and creating in a way that captures imagination, emotion and exploration.


Sound Design

We are a video production studio with an expertise in location audio and sound design, focused on drawing out stories and creating authentic expression when producing sound for picture.






Yes – we’re a full-service video production shop in Cincinnati – but more than that, we’re an adventurous, tight-knit team who knows when and how to push each other to do the best work imaginable.

Brandon Weaver | Iron Wing Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Brandon Weaver

Brandon’s knowledge of both the artistic and technical side of film is constantly relied upon to bring clients’ vision to life.  He is passionate about capturing and creating content that inspires people to think differently.  One of Brandon’s greatest attributes transcends all others – his keen ability to find the best food in every city Iron Wing visits.

Joe Dunlap
Joe Dunlap

Joe doesn’t rest until a production problem is solved.  You can count on his skill, ingenuity, and reliability to create inspirational work that meets your project’s needs.  Every person who knows Joe agrees that he holds the title of, “World’s Nicest Guy.”  He also took extensive notes while studying Marie Kondo’s organization methods, yielding the most efficient Pelican cases we’ve ever seen.

Cameron Cochran
Cameron Cochran

Cameron collaborates thoughtfully with clients to capture the concept and sound that complements a client’s uniqueness.  He is especially keen on capturing sound, creating compositions, and working edits that make people feel something more deeply.  With a head full of ideas and a plate full of good food, Cameron is unstoppable.

Troy Howard
Troy Howard

Troy loves to help clients struggling to find quality and professional location sound and post sound design.  He is eager to deliver a product with the perfect sound to help your project make a bigger impact.  DP’s can rest easy knowing he has an almost perfectly quaffed beard and is able to send test tone over UHF, IFB, and FBI.


We would love to talk with you about your project.

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