BM2 Freight is a growing logistics broker in our hometown of Cincinnati. They contacted us with a need for a promotional video.  After a few meetings with their marketing department and owners, we started work on script and pre-production.  We found in our meetings that BM2 has a very strong culture, they truly care about their customers, and they are very authentic.  Given those points, we wanted to feature real employees and owner, rather than hire talent.  They wanted to feature their awards and recognitions, as well as their core values.  A script was created, revised, and the idea of a walk and talk was tossed around to give the video more life.  We planned on setting up interviews with a couple of the owners, as well as a few employees.  This allowed us to give additional content for the marketing department for a push to social, on top of the primary video asset. We love doing this when we can, for additional value add.  Videos were edited, motion graphics were added, revisions were made, and final video was delivered.

  • March 2020

  •   Client:

    BM2 Freight